Monday, July 20, 2009


Tweak it Frank!! Out for a quick December ride down the block huh? Look at that boned out INDY GRAB. Perfect form, knees almost locked, eyes on the mo'fuckin' prize. I see you wore a hoody under the track jacket as well in case shit hits the fan and those intense grabs get you sweating. Then you can just tear off a layer and continue to light up the pavement. Best have the icy hot ready though you old geezer-ass ninny. You've got to be at least 45 and raging that hard on a longboard could be dangerous. How about you get a family so you can spend time with them instead of lone-rangering it on a wack-ass longboard? Or maybe your wife kicked you out because you were spending too much time shredding the streets, bro-ing with kids half your age and smoking weed under the bridge by the skatepark wishing you were still 15 instead of teaching your son to play catch like any normal, non-douchebag, responsible family man would. Make this your last chauncy-ass grab and go get a life Frank. No jk or lol.


  1. This blog is a piece of shit. Your "posts" suck ass. Everything about this blog spells fail. Your longboarder jokes fucking suck, there not even funny. Do us all a favor and quit posting and/or delete this blog. You are cyberwaste.

  2. See you miss the point of longboarding completely but for me to explain it to your dumb ass just wouldn't be worth it. Your website truly is a bad website, you probably tried to longboard once and found out you sucked at it. Then because everyone is better at this than you, you just had to go and make the stupidest website ever created. Because you are so stupid dolongboards, you will never be able to fly down hills like us! I hate your website and I hope it gets banned! You need go search around on because they are better than you, you and your dumb douche bag longboarding website suck!

  3. Best website ever, fuck the haters, they're probably longboarders.