Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You go girl!!

Tina where’s Leo!? Woops sorry, we mistook you for that stupid bitch Rose from Titanic with that ‘I can fly’ bullshit. Easy mistake to make because you look just as ugly as her with that crooked ‘zany’ smile you have. It’s ok though, because looks aren’t everything. Unfortunately you don’t have anything else going for you either, however, because you are fucking stupid enough to wear Ugg boots in the middle of summer. Do you know why girls like Meghan Fox can get away with that? Because they are hot enough that no one gives a fuck what they wear. You unfortunately don’t fit that category, even if you push your chest out like that. We were tired of making fun of girls for wearing dumb ass furry boots that make them look like fucking trendy Eskimos, but then you happened. I bet you wish you were wearing some slutty heels and just standing next to the skatepark doing Meth, being the local ‘skate slut’ instead, “Sk8r Boi” no doubt blaring in those headphones. You go girl! You could end up as just as much of a dumb, giggling, ‘Punk rock princess’, confused teenage age slut as Avril. Fuck your feet. Fuck your iPod. Fuck your longboard.

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