Thursday, July 16, 2009


You’re going to blow the shot if you don’t flex harder Donny. (Bet you go by Donovan when you’re not shredding what you think is 'gnar' you asshole). Looks like 3 protein shakes of NoXPLODE is working out great for you. Too bad no one wants to see some 50-year old man flexing so hard he shits himself. Don’t worry though, I’m sure that red goatee keeps the ladies guessing as to whether you’re a virgin or not. You don’t seem daring enough to be pushing mach-3 with no shirt on, but I guess you do have that bullshit coat of hair covering your body for protection. Don’t forget that fucking Triple 8 ‘cool dad’ brain bucket, it’ll make sure that there isn’t any brain damage in case of a spill. Too bad your fucking feet will be gone when you slip off because you’re barefoot. Fuck your feet right. No, fuck you Donny.

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