Thursday, July 9, 2009


Oh I totally forgot, I guess this website is pretty bullshit. I mean Srzly guyz, Longboarders do crazy tricks that are super technically difficult. I guess we overlooked all of the sponsored kids that go out for photshoots and all that core shit. These kids are the Flex Dex Bros. Super progressive shit, if you couldn’t tell by this nose manual, I mean those K-Swiss shoes really keep a good hold on the board for excellent feel and control. And that hat ans sunglasses? They keep the sun out of his face… Because he can hold that shit all DAY! ROFLZ! But seriously, he doesn’t need the sunglasses, because he does this shit with his eyes closed. While we are at the national park, why not get urban. Longboards don’t have to stay on the ground, I mean while regular sk8r faygs hit handrails, we Longbros get way creative and shit. See that rock over there? Danny is gonna straight up pick up his board, plant a foot and jump off, sound easy? Well try landing it on a board you pussies, check Danny’s action photo in shot two… Claim that shit Danny

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