Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mullet Shred

Dude, yea Steve. Mullet towing shred? Oh I get it, you got tired of shredding down hills and decided to switch it up and drop hand drags going uphill. And I see your killing it with the moisture wicking North Face top you got on sale at a used sporting goods store when you were looking for some new jelly wheels for your banana flex deck that you shred on the weekends. Wouldn’t want some sweat to hit the deck and compromise your grip when you’re going upwards of 40 mph and hanging at like 3 g’s, boosting the shit out of the power zone on the daily. You must mostly have been doing this shit forever! This photo was probably taken on Tuesday, not even the Friday night shred when you really slam the curves with aggression! Maybe some chix will c this post on the web later and holler at you for a little shredding in the bed room if you know what I mean. Your forearms will be ripped and ready to grip after this x-treme ass day on the asphalt slopes. Shred on Steve!

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