Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just Chillen

Hold on tight Konner! I mean, Fuck, I bet the grip is fucking sick with those home-fucking-depot gardening gloves that you tell your friends 'made for longboarding.' Im sure you go into serious detail explaining 2 longboard n00bz how 'fucked' your hands get when you go faster than a trash bag of meth in a homeless tent-camp y'asshole. You really had us fooled with the extreme downhill turn though, until we looked at the top of the screen and saw parking spots, you dumb fuck. Did you lock your keys in your car and you were waiting for the AAA people that your mom called? Im sure the ladies love to look up those shorts and note that your firecrotch is probably better looking than that pubic fro you call a 'beard.' At least you have that grip so you don't lose your board like you did all of your friends. Fuck yourself.

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